Frequently Asked Questions


What’s the minimum level of assets you require for your clients?
We have clients whose net worth is less than $200k and those whose net worth is greater than $3 million. We treat all with the same degree of care, concern and planning. We encourage any woman who is concerned about her financial future to contact us. And we offer the same level of care, planning and compassion to all clients.

Are you considered a “no-fee financial planner”?
We are not a financial planning firm, as our business model is much broader than just financial. We care about your entire estate and your entire well-being and ensure our planning includes legal, tax, income planning, and much, much more.

How do you help with emotional and health issues?
We’re women. We understand the ways finances can affect our emotional health and even our physical health. While we are not specialists in those fields, we do have access to resources we have worked with for many years, and we are uniquely qualified to help. And we’re glad to offer referrals. Of course, you’ll always find a caring, concerned advisor at Woman’s Worth® who will listen, offer advice and, yes, even hold your hand.

I’m concerned about my insurance protection. Do you offer advice for things like long-term care insurance, homeowner’s insurance and related items?
Yes, we do. While we don’t sell insurance products directly, we can evaluate your current coverage and needs and suggest any changes, if need be. We can also refer you to professionals of the very highest ethics and professionalism who team with us to resolve the concerns of our clients.

What are your qualifications?
All our services are based on decades of experience in estate and income planning for women. Through licensing & continuing education we ensure we stay abreast of all relevant legislation that impacts you. To learn more about us, please click here.

Do you offer counseling for charitable-foundation planning?
Yes, we do. We also offer a full range of services in estate and legal planning, too. You will find our creative solutions enable you to leave the legacy you wish in the most tax-advantageous manner.