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Why Woman’s Worth®?

Woman’s Worth® Retirement Lifestyle Protection Plan...For Women! By Women!

Design your retirement journey through integrated life planning because it’s more than the money – it’s about your Total Well Being to and through retirement. This is what makes the Woman's Worth® program different. We believe you deserve financial, physical and emotional balance and want to help you pursue this balance by integrating your life plan with your retirement goals.

The WW® integrated approach addresses four areas of financial planning:

Services Offered
  1. Your lifestyle protection plan: You need to understand the cost of your retirement and how to create a tax-efficient income stream that will last as long as you do.
  2. Your health care plan: You’ll need to understand how increasing health care costs could impact you and ways to fund the cost of long-term care.

We work with qualified professionals to provide the following services to address:

  1. Your estate plan: What types of legal documents do you need to keep you out of probate and keep more of the money in your estate and in the hands of your beneficiaries.
  2. Your tax plan: How will you manage your tax obligations through your retirement journey and how will you create income that is tax-efficient.

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Services Offered

Here’s what you get when you work with the team at the Woman’s Worth® program at LKJ Financial and experience what integrated lifestyle planning is all about:

  1. You’ll get what we call our “moment of truth” report; a report that tells you what your retirement lifestyle is going to cost you; this is important to assess whether your money will last as long as you do.
  2. You’ll get a lost income report. For those of you who are married, have partners, significant others or share your retirement expenses with someone else contributing income, we’re going to tell you, with facts, the impact to you of lost income.
  3. You’ll get a long-term care cost report. What may happen if you, your spouse/partner or significant other needed long-term care, and you spend down your retirement savings to keep up with the costs of skilled nursing care.
  4. We’ll take your statements and have our financial team put them to the stress test; we want to uncover any potential hidden fees and the overall amount you spend in various fees for the assets you hold.
  5. We’ll look at your tax return so we can help ensure your retirement plan is tax efficient not only today, but also when you begin using funds from your deferred tax retirement accounts because we believe money not paid in unnecessary taxes is as rich and green as money you can grow in the market.
  6. We will work with a qualified estate planning attorney who will review your legal documents and work with him to create a tax-efficient estate plan.
  7. AND we will analyze any insurance contracts you hold to make sure they align with your financial goals.

You get all this in the Woman’s Worth® Retirement Lifestyle Protection Plan®, which involves a four-step process:

  1. Information gathering session where you get to know us, we get to know you, we understand your goals, dreams, fears, and we gather the relevant information to analyze the likelihood of achieving your retirement goals.
  2. Feedback session where we provide you with the analysis of all the information gathered and deliver to you all the items in the above deliverables, and we identify gaps, opportunities and possible solutions to close the gaps – this is your Retirement Lifestyle Protection Plan®.
  3. Implementation of the plan should you desire to implement portions of the plan or the entire plan.
  4. Monitoring and evaluating the plan because we know “stuff” happens in our retirement journey. We continuously measure our progress toward the plan, and when and if necessary, we modify the plan and get you back on track.

This planning has no obligation and is totally customized to meet your needs. Sign up here for a no-obligation meeting to discuss creating your personal Retirement Lifestyle Protection Plan. When you schedule your visit with LKJ Financial's team at Woman’s Worth®, we’ll give you a complimentary copy of Wi$e Up Women: Your Guide to Total Fiscal and Physical Well Being because ladies, it’s more than the money: It’s About Your Total Well Being.

Thank you for your interest and we look forward to helping you design your retirement lifestyle.