Wise Up, Women

Let’s be real. Traditional financial planning is built on a masculine approach. But in a world where women live longer, earn less and take more time off to care for others – we need a better way to plan for the future.

At Woman’s Worth®, we’re dedicated to helping you build wealth, protect your future and leave a legacy that matters. It’s time for you to take charge of your money in a way that addresses your unique needs, goals and dreams.

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All Walks of Women

The good news is that women today are living longer than ever. That’s also the bad news. Longevity can have a significant impact on how you handle your money and the quality of your life during your journey. We understand the issues you face as a woman as you navigate various life stages. Whether you’re single, married, divorced, widowed or have a life partner, we’re here to be a valuable friend and resource.

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All Walks of Women
Financial Planning for Women

It’s about more than the money.
It’s about total well being.

We believe that money isn’t a means to an end, rather, it’s a means to a lifestyle. We start by getting to know you: your past, plans, health, emotions, dreams, fears and concerns. Then we use those details to create a personalized plan to help you achieve the lifestyle you want and deserve.

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Jeanette Bajalia

Where There’s a Woman,
There’s a Way

After discovering firsthand that many financial professionals didn’t understand – or want to understand – the unique needs of women, Jeannette Bajalia decided to forge a new path and create Woman’s Worth®

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