Women We Work With

While you probably share common concerns with other women, we know you are unique. We work with women with a wide variety of personal and professional backgrounds, marital status and circumstances – and each woman receives a plan that works for her life and no one else’s.

We work with women who are:

Single, Never Married

As a single woman, you carry your financial burden without help. You pay the bills, you save for retirement, and you’re often caring and providing for kids, grandkids and aging family members. We not only help you protect the money you’ve worked so hard for, but we also make sure you never feel like you’re going it alone. We provide you with the emotional support you need to make crucial decisions for the future.


No two marriages look alike. You might be the primary breadwinner or in a second marriage. Whatever the circumstances, we work with you to develop a plan that protects and provides for both of you equally and fairly.


Dividing assets after a divorce can be overwhelming. We can help you take the next steps to get your financial house in order, including updating beneficiaries, setting up new accounts or transferring accounts into your name. We can also help you put together a financial plan as you begin navigating a new future as a single woman.


Many of the women we work with often ask us, “What now?” after their spouse dies. We’re here to assist with all of the “what now” questions you have, helping you take baby steps forward in your new situation. We give you the support you need to make smart decisions for the future, providing thoughtful guidance without pushing you too hard or too fast.


Individuals and couples in the LGBTQ+ community often grapple with unique money-related challenges. We’re here to ensure every person who identifies as female has a plan to protect her money and address her long-term emotional, physical and financial needs.

Small Business Owners

Female business owners are increasing in numbers. We walk you through tough decisions related to your business, such as taking care of your family and employees if something happens to you and building for the future.