Woman’s Worth® Events

Through our nationwide network of advisors, we frequently offer a variety of education events designed just for women in their local community. These events provide an opportunity for you to share your thoughts and ask questions about your finances in a safe, welcoming environment.

Through our series of informative workshops and empowering seminars, you’ll gain the knowledge you need to make smart decisions about your future. You’ll also have the chance to connect with other women who are in a similar phase of life. At our events, we don’t just talk at you; instead, we encourage an open give-and-take between our advisors and guest presenters.

We usually fashion our events for women who are age 50 or older and starting to think about retirement. When you attend, you’ll learn about how your wealth and health are connected – and the best ways to ensure you’re healthy in all areas of your life.

Women's Worth Events

What do we talk about at these events?

Some of our topics include:

  • Financial Longevity – Ensure you don’t outlive your money and avoid becoming a burden to your kids.
  • Health Care and Long-Term Care – Who will care for you when you can’t care for yourself – and how will you pay for it?
  • Retirement Income – Maximize Social Security benefits, retirement accounts and other savings to live the lifestyle you desire in retirement.
  • Physical Health – Discover the secrets of living a long, healthy life, well into your 80s and beyond.

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