Privacy Policy

Individuals Covered

This privacy policy covers all visitors, subscribers, affiliates and super-affiliates, and all customers to this website. All individuals who view this website are described herein as “Visitors” and are parties to this Privacy Policy. Anyone who buys our products, attempts to order, or receives our products at no cost is called a “Customer” and shall be subject to this Privacy Policy. The website URL shall be referred to collectively as the “Website.”

Individuals Excluded

This website will not lawfully accept any individual under the age of 18 or anyone who would fall under the provisions of the Child Online Privacy Act of 1998 (COPA). If you are under the age of 18, you must leave this website immediately. Acceptance of the terms of this Privacy Policy is required for your right to visit the website. If you do not accept these terms, you are illegally viewing this site.

Online Privacy Protection Act of 2003

If you purchase a product through this website, you are covered by the Online Privacy Protection Act of 2003 (OPPA). When you purchase our products, we collect and archive all data you provide. If this website is ordered by a court to divulge confidential information, this website will submit such information as demanded by the court.

Information Collected

This website collects data on its visitors, subscribers, affiliates and super-affiliates, and customers. This data is obtained from various methods, such as pop-ups, product registration, and purchase by phone, subscription, micro-websites, surveys and email.

Online Purchases

You permit the website to use any information collected from the online purchase screen for general solicitation.

Information Collected from Clients and Website Visitors

If you are a visitor, affiliate, or customer who communicates with this website in any manner, you permit this website to collect, archive, retrieve and otherwise use any information collected by this website for solicitation purposes.

Data Obtained From PPC Ads, Banner Ads, Pop-Ups or Hyperlinks

Data is being collected and archived for solicitation purposes from visitors clicking PPC ads, banner ads, pop-up ads, or solicitations containing hyperlinks from this website.

Data Obtained Through the Use of Cookies

This website collects data using cookies on your computer, your email address, and your IP address. The data collected may help define your viewing habits and product preferences. By using this website, you give permission for this website and its partners to use cookies to gather data from your computer for solicitation purposes.

Data That is Not Revealed to Others

Credit card, banking information or personal information is never revealed to a third party, with the exception of court order.

Providing Your Email Address

By providing your email address to this website, you waive all rights to file complaints concerning unsolicited email from this website and agree to receive communication from this website, its partners or affiliates. You also waive any claim for damage caused by any accidental downloads of any virus, worm or parasite to your computer.


You agree not to disclose any trade secrets, reports, tools or processes which we use to conduct business.

Legal Disputes

As part of the terms and conditions for this Privacy Policy, all visitors and clients agree to use arbitration (based on the rules of the American Arbitration Association) for any claim, dispute or controversy of any kind arising out of purchase of the products, the website, any solicitation, privacy issues, and the terms of use. All disputes shall be held in the city in which the incorporator resides. In addition, you waive your rights to participate in any class of claimants pertaining to any claim subject to arbitration.