Living a Purposeful Life

When Do You Know You’ve Impacted Someone’s Life?

Women should be able to express emotions and be themselves while going through the financial planning process. Fearing the future can be a real thing, and Jeannette Bajalia explains how she puts women at ease as they travel their retirement journey.

The Woman’s Worth® Difference

What makes Woman’s Worth® different? Founder Jeannette Bajalia shares the story behind her purpose-driven business and why she’s focused on making sure her clients find the right fit, even if it’s with another financial professional.

You Need a Life Planner

If you’re 50 years or older, a plan is the essence of every decision you make. As Jeannette Bajalia explains, you don’t need an investment advisor but a life planner to help you achieve your retirement goals and dreams.

Retirement Done Right

Retirement Done Right

Retirement Done Right

Jeannette Bajalia explains why she chose to write her book, Retirement Done Right. Her passion for educating clients and ensuring they understand how plans drive investments (and not the opposite) is her passion and focus of the book. Jeannette feels strongly that many advisors in the industry only focus on selling the product, and Jeannette clarifies why this doesn’t put the client’s needs and goals at the forefront.