Protect Your Future

Integrated Planning

Financial planning is about much more than just your money and assets. Jeannette Bajalia explains how she integrates all facets of a person’s life, from health care to taxes, into not just a financial plan but a life plan.

The Growing Epidemic of Poverty for Older Women

There is a growing epidemic of poverty in Americans over 70 and widows are especially vulnerable. Jeannette Bajalia reveals the deeply personal reason she has made it her life’s mission to help women secure their future.

Find Someone Genuine

It’s absolutely necessary to pose questions to your advisor about how their “solution” genuinely supports your life goals. Jeannette Bajalia explains why finding the right financial planner is pivotal in achieving the retirement of your dreams.

Why Every Woman Needs a Plan

Woman’s Worth® founder Jeannette Bajalia was just 26 when her father died unexpectedly, leaving the family unprepared for their financial future. Jeannette shares her story of how she assumed full responsibility for both the care and financial necessities of her mother and great aunt at a young age, and how it led her to discover her true life’s calling.

Three Life Events that can Affect Your Financial Future

Three major life events can plunge women into a financial crisis. In this Growing Bolder Financial Institute Minute, Jeannette Bajalia explains how longevity is redefining retirement planning for women

Two Basic Tips about Retirement Planning

Many women know they need a life plan but have no idea where to start. Jeannette Bajalia illustrates two things you can start working on now to help make the retirement journey easier to navigate.

What Mistakes Should Women Avoid at All Costs?

In this candid Growing Bolder Financial Institute Minute, Jeannette Bajalia outlines what women need to know to take back control of their finances.

The Four Types of Planning That are Critical to Your Future

Saving money for the future isn’t the only – and most important – financial plan that will help you make the rest of your life the best of your life. Jeannette Bajalia outlines the types of plans that are absolutely critical for your future retirement.

What You Need to Know About Your Financial Future

Why is it critical to hold your financial professional accountable to upholding your goals? Jeannette Bajalia outlines her thoughts on why you should work with someone who creates an integrated plan that all aspects of your life.

The Power of Life Insurance

Do you really need life insurance after you retire? Jeannette Bajalia explains how life insurance can be used as a tool to protect against unexpected loss and ensure you – and your family – have the income you need to maintain your lifestyle.

The Problem with Most Financial Planners

Jeannette Bajalia discovered early on that the financial planners she was meeting with didn’t speak her language. Hear her speak on her experiences and how it inspired her to pursue financial planning for her own career.

Lifestyle Scenario Planning

Jeannette Bajalia explains why she chooses to plan using lifestyle scenario planning versus financial models. She ensures her female clients can first visualize and internalize their desired lifestyle. Once that’s established, it’s her job to create a plan for them to achieve that lifestyle.