Take Control of Your Money

Avoid Regret: Plan Now

The biggest regret that people often share when they meet with a financial planner is “I wish I had done this sooner!” As Jeannette Bajalia explains, while lifestyle changes may be necessary, it’s never too late to protect your money.

Understanding the Bucket Strategy

Everyone has different life plans and goals, which is why everyone deserves a custom analysis and plan in order to live a fruitful retirement. Jeannette Bajalia explains the “Bucket Strategy” and how it can be tailored to fit your unique needs.

The Real Purpose of Money

What does success look like to you? It’s the first question everyone should ask themselves when creating a financial plan. Jeannette Bajalia shares her thoughts on why each of us has a different vision of success – and how we go about achieving it.

Putting Children on Bank Accounts and Property Deeds

What should you know before adding your children to your financial accounts? Jeannette Bajalia provides advice that could save you (and your family) both money and stress.

Specializing in Helping Women (Without Excluding Men)

Everyone in a relationship or family needs to play a part in making a financial plan. But the financial industry often doesn’t recognize the unique needs of women and advisors tend to fail when it comes to communicating with their female clients. Jeannette Bajalia shares why she feels strongly that women should be as much in control of their financial future as their spouses or partners.

Keeping Things Up to Date

Once a will is developed, it’s often left to collect dust on a shelf while years and years pass. But in those years, several unplanned life events may occur. Jeannette Bajalia explains why it’s imperative to frequently review your legal and financial structure to uphold your final wishes.

The Truth About Annuities

What are annuities and how should they work for you? Jeannette Bajalia offers advice on how to potentially incorporate annuities into a retirement income portfolio in a way that best supports your goals.

Basic Tips on Social Security

Social Security is one of the best fixed sources of income for life, and it’s not going anywhere (despite what many people think!). In this Growing Bolder Financial Institute Financial Minute, Jeannette Bajalia offers advice on questions to answer before starting your benefits.

Why Women Need to Be Involved in Financial Decisions

Women tend to make many of the consumer purchasing decisions for their households, but that’s not always the case for their long-term investment and income planning. Jeannette Bajalia explains why women should be involved in making important money decisions for their families.

A Man is Not a Plan

Jeannette Bajalia’s most important advice for her female clients: a man is not a plan! In this Growing Bolder Financial Institute Financial Minute, Jeannette urges ladies to not defer your life planning decisions to someone who may not be speaking your language or making your life goals a priority.

The Difference Between Planning and Investing

The terms “planning” and “investing” tend to be used interchangeably, but there’s a distinct difference between the two. In this Growing Bolder Financial Institute Minute, Jeannette Bajalia explains how both planning and investing contribute to your retirement journey.

The Difference Between Men and Women

Statistics show that women live longer, and they tend to live longer in active life stages. Jeannette Bajalia describes why the financial and life plans for women need to be different than those of men.